Todd Trigsted Photographer

“I specialize in classical, fine art and fantasy portraits.  My photography sessions are fun celebrations, joyful dances.
The best portraits are captured at the moment when the face softens with an opening heart.”

— Todd Trigsted

Children Fantasy Portraiture

“My daughter found freedom in front of his camera.  Todd created a funny fantasy portrait of her first flight.  His photography is magical.”

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I needed a standard professional photo for my online presence.  I have never enjoyed a photography session before.  Todd’s studio is a creative old-school Portland creative studio.  I had fun and I look forward to bringing my family in for one of his creative portraits.”

Medical Doctor

“Todd is an artist.  He has a special ability to understand what people want from a portrait.  My request was vague at best.  With limited direction from me, he nailed it.  He created a dynamic visual poem-portrait for me.”


“Todd’s work reminds me of Rolling Stone Magazine meets Dali and his lighting is as tender as a Rembrandt painting.  He is truly becoming a master photographer. Todd is one of those gems that has always been brilliant but not seen until later in life.  People should take full advantage of his talents while he is affordable !”