“My best portraits are made in the moment when the heart opens and eyes soften.”

— Todd Trigsted

Children Fantasy Portraiture
“My daughter found freedom in front of his camera.  Todd created a funny fantasy portrait of her first flight.  His photography is magical.”

“Todd’s work is a combination of Rolling Stone Magazine meets Dali. His lighting is as tender as a Rembrandt painting.  He captured a side of me only a few people have seen.  Todd is a Portland gem!” Author

“I needed a standard professional photo for my online presence.  I have never enjoyed a photography session as much!  Todd’s studio is within a very cool old-school Portland creative space.” Medical Doctor

“Todd is an artist.  He understands what people want from a portrait.  My request was vague at best.  With limited direction, he nailed it. He created a very cool visual poem-portrait of me.” Poet